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Sampling Instructions

Sampling Instructions

For the most accurate results, please follow EMSL Analytical, Inc.’s sampling instructions in the order provided. One test kit represents a single drinking water outlet. Detailed and illustrated sampling instructions will be supplied within each drinking water test kit. Below are helpful tips when sampling your water supply.


Sample Collection Instructions – DO’s

• Follow instructions in the order provided

One kit per drinking water outlet

• Open kit(s) and place ice packs in the freezer

• Refrigerate samples immediately after collection

• Ship samples immediately after collection

• Ship Monday through Thursday only

• Select faucet free of screens, aerators, hoses, purification devices. If present, remove.

• Sanitize spout

• Before sampling, put on gloves and eye protection

• Pay attention to water run times

• Place your completed Chain of Custody (COC) into a sealed zip-lock bag

• Ship to: EMSL Analytical, Inc., 200 Route 130 North, Cinnaminson, NJ 08077


Sample Collection Instructions – DON’Ts

• Rinse out bottles

• Touch underside of bottle caps or inside of bottles

• Ship on Friday or Saturday

• Mix bottles or COCs from other kits – they are all barcoded to match

• Overfill – fill to bottle neck only


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